Sakuya is one of the three protagonists and the main character in Yang phase.

She is the sister of Doryo and one of Doman's students. Because of Doman's order, she went to the Manor along with the other students: Doryo, Dochin, and Dokai. She is the only survivor in the Manor's incident in the group.

Brave, assertive, loyal, and inquisitive, Sakuya have a strong personality and won't hesitate to fight for what she believe is correct. She is shown as a helpful girl, when she saved Utsuki from a Gaki. She even tried to help Utsuki find her sister, Kureha.

Sakuya is also kind-hearted. She stopped Abe No Seimei from destroying the chest where Utsuki entered in order to merge with her own father, Doman.

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